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Sweet Dreams Infant Care is the premier full service Baby Nurse agency dedicated to providing Chicago and its surrounding suburbs with the most trusted and reliable postpartum care services available. Our goal is to, “Rescue Sleep-Deprived Families” allowing them the opportunity to enjoy this exciting and magical time with their growing families. Our team at Sweet Dreams Infant Care has a passion for caring for babies. Let us help you make this wonderful transition all you ever dreamed it could be!

Why we do what we do

My name is Pam Jones and I am one of the owners of Sweet Dreams Infant Care. I have been a Registered Nurse for 18 years working at various hospitals in Labor & Delivery, NICU, Mother/ Baby units, Lactation Counselor and teaching new Parent Classes. For the first 10 years of my career I did not even know what a Baby Nurse was!

It wasn’t until I worked at one of the largest Women’s Hospital where I saw first hand how many new moms were often not getting the training and assistance they needed before they left the hospital with their newborn(s). It did not take  long before many of my patients started asking me, “Could you come home with me and be my Baby Nurse?” Since I was not sure what that was, I always graciously declined. It was not until one of the doctors asked me if I would go home with a sick new mom and help her care for her newborn that I finally said, Yes. That is when my life changed forever and our company “Sweet Dreams Infant Care” was born.

Becoming a Baby Nurse I was able to take the time to educate and support the parents in their home and build their confidence. I saw first hand due to staff reductions and short hospital stays how these services were lacking in the hospitals. Going home with my moms I was able to help them build their confidence and get the rest they needed.

The only problem was that I was the only RN that was working as a Baby Nurse at the time and I could not keep up with the demand. After working with sleep-deprived families, and seeing the difference I could make- I could not tell these new moms NO!

So I enlisted my recently retired sister Pat Porrey who had previous business experience and a Masters in Psychology to open Sweet Dreams Infant Care with me. Our goal was to be able to recruit and train experienced RN’s and Infant/Newborn Care Specialist to reach more parents and provide education, support and the SLEEP they so desperately needed.

We created our agency to be different. We formed relationships. Our team becomes part of your family whether we work with you for one day or one year. We are not just an extra pair of hands. We focus on education and support for new parents, and that’s how we have grown from just me- to dozens of amazing RN’s and Baby Nurses.

The closer you look, the better we look! There are many companies that have tried to copy us, but none have the winning combination of our experience and professionalism that pediatricians recommend.

We provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. I invite you to experience the difference our Sweet Dreams Team can make!

What our parents say about us:

Sweet Dreams Infant Care is a godsend to all parents – whether you are a first timer or a parent for the third time. The team at Sweet Dreams Infant Care was incredibly kind and helpful with everything from nursing tips, newborn care and even post partum advice.


We read so many books to prepare us for becoming new parents, but there are just some things that require hands on training and assistance. Sweet Dreams Infant Care’s expertise and experience helped us transition from being nervous and awkward with our new son to feeling confident and capable. We highly recommend them and definitely will use their services again.


We were lucky enough to work with Sweet Dreams Infant Care after the arrival of our twins, Charlie & Kate. As first time parents we were overwhelmed. Within minutes of meeting the women of Sweet Dreams, we were relieved to know that our babies would be in capable and caring hands.